Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What does it take to be Gluten Free? A Lot!

I'm not going to lie. 
It takes
But guess what?

My Family 
is so worth it!

In the beginning it's very overwhelming
[pssst... Just so you know I'm still in my infancy of this whole GF Lifestyle thing]
so it's safe to say I still have moments where it can be a tad overwhelming 
but I must say it is getting easier each and every day.

Simple things that I really never thought much about, now require me to be on my toes.

For example

My little one and my big girl are both still on gluten so they can be tested.
So when birthday cake is being cut and served by little oh moi
I have to intercept that cake and icing covered finger before it's instinctively popped into my mouth.
{by-the-way I actually had that happen just a couple of days ago :)}
It was a close one! But I caught myself before it happened. 
Thank Goodness! 
I've come to far to have a long sick day on the couch.

Or I'm cruising through my super market and I hear 
{Can't go there. I simply can not do it.}
I refuse to risk it.

Or we're walking out of the theater and they offer us candy breath mints.
I methodically
[in a sense like a robot] 
take the mint, just as I always have when candy is offered at an establishment, and start the unwrapping.
I'm walking along and the wrapper is coming off and I'm just about to push that lovely little minty
yummy into my mouth
and I let it go...
into the trash.
[shew that was another close call]
So now you see what I mean about being on my toes???

I'm not sad. I don't feel left out. 
{Please do not feel sorry for me}
I am happy, feel awesome, and in control of my health.

In conjunction with catching those unpredictable moments like I just mentioned above you also have to do a lot of homework. 
I won't lie. It's a lot. 
But the rewards are a long and happy symptom free life!

And honestly, I felt like crap for the past 20+ years so I'm not about to go back there so...

the first and foremost thing you have to learn to do is
A lot of research, calling around and there is absolutely no room for laziness. You really have to be diligent and read labels every single time you buy a product even if you have bought it a bazillion times before... you just never know when they might yank the rug right out from under ya by changing the ingredients!

And know the list of ingredients that can get you into trouble.
You can't just rely on seeing the words
Wheat - Barley - or Rye

is a lot like a little kid
and guess what?
[that's right you have to be the seeker!]

So Research - Research - Research is Key!

And if you ever get in a situation where you can not verify a food is GF. 
Then simply
Do - Not - Eat - It!


Join a support group where you can talk with people just like yourself and make your transition into the GF world much easier.
Looking for a local chapter?
Hit Celiac.com for a complete listing or just click here!


This resource is a must. I can not tell you the number of times I hit this site a day. You get lots of feedback from community members in the forums and can read awesome articles by medical experts and folks just like us who are living with Celiac Disease.

Have a product you are unsure of?
Chances are you can find it on Celiac.com and if not...
own the internet
and hit the company's website that processes the food.

Ask QUESTIONS until you receive ANSWERS.


There are so many great books out there on CD [Celiac Disease] and Gluten that you really have no excuse to not be in the know. If you have CD or you're GI then pick up one of these highly recommended books and get your learn on!

Have a

Kindle? iPad?

You can download both of these books in less than a minute and
get your read on

Take a sneak peek and buy it here
I love this book. It really helped me realize just how badly I needed to go GF.

Take a sneak peak and buy it here
This book is great at breaking GF Living down. You get all the much needed information on Gluten Intolerance, Tips and Tricks as well as lots of yummy recipes. :)

Try new recipes. Go out on a limb and try something you've never dared to try.
Introducing new foods is a great way to keep your mouth from getting bored.
And we all know what happens when the tongue gets bored!
It starts thinking of yummies it used to have that were so tasty instead of searching for new
mouth watering alternatives.  This scenario just might leave some folks caving in and jumping off the GF island for a bit. . . 

Only to have them laid up on Redemption Island
for a day or so trying to get their body
readjusted and back on track.

And then sadly realizing
it totally wasn't worth it!

To be successful at this you have to feel your needs are being met
feel deprived.
[and honestly I have yet to feel deprived eating this way]

Keep your chin up. Be thankful. 
Take deep breaths.
Smile often

and remember

It's worth every ounce of energy it takes
reading labels, making phone calls, reading as much as we can and going the extra mile to verify we are safe
when that fork or spoon carries food to our mouths!

Kimmy :)

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