Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gluten Free Pizza Night

Ohhh Emmm Geee!!!!!
What a hit this was!!!

Udi's Pizza Crusts and lots of yummy veggies to layer and pile on-top awesome pizza sauce.
I got the girls to help out in the kitchen with cleaning, chopping and organizing all the toppings.
They loved it. :)

Then it was time to dress the pizza's.

Anna had Cheese
Desi had a Supremo!
 Daddy said he wasn't hungry until....
he came home and saw and smelled the pizzas!
[so we had to whip him up really quick too]
I had an everything Veggie Pizza.

And the music to my ears was when I heard both girls say
"Mommy this is really, Really GOOD!!!"
[even better was when they asked if they could take leftovers for lunch tomorrow]

You so rock. This idea for a meal was just perfect. 
Especially to end a day like today after the anxiety of testing and the doctor visit.

And Thanks UDI's for such amazing products that make our life so much easier.

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