My Lil Book

The Night Butterfly

Well I have to say I really feel like I've given birth with the completion of this project. It took quite a while to paint all the images for this cuddly little children's story but I must say it was well worth all the effort. I love this little book and hold it close to my heart, for this story was born from my children.

My two little girls were very scared of moths and in order to get them to see the moth in a different light I quickly told them she was nothing more than a butterfly that flies at night. This simple analogy is what later moved me to write, design and publish, The Night Butterfly.

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Sweet Readings!

My Next Book
My next story has already been written and I am now in the phase of character development. So far I'm really having a blast with this and I've come up with a little guy that I think will be an amazing character to carry the story. This story's images will be fully created within Illustrator this time. I can't wait to share this new story with you. Stay tuned as more information will be released closer to our publication date!