Sunday, January 29, 2012

GF Valentines Pancakes!

My girls love their pancakes. 
So one of the breakfast requests I have received has been for those lovely
flap-jacks, hot cakes, pancakes 
or the lovely name I gave them
{oh sigh}

pancakes drizzled in maple syrup

So me and Anna being the early birds we are
decided we would whip up 

We love how they turned out!!
What a great way to welcome the day on Valentines Day
by serving your shweetie
some of these 
Pretty Pink-a-licious Gluten Free Pancakes!!!

So here's how we made them.

First I got some Gluten Free Bisquick and after reading that the caramel color in 
most syrups contains gluten decided to go ahead and break the bank and 
get the real stuff.
the maple syrup is so worth it. :)
We just followed the directions for the pancakes on the back of the Bisquick box 
and then added some Wilton food coloring to the batter to achieve the pretty pink we wanted.

I have been reading that most Wilton food colorings are GF and we have used
this food coloring many times and we have never had a reaction to it.

 My little helper. We added the food coloring with a toothpick. All it takes is a tiny tiny bit and you get a pretty vibrant color.
To get the control you need to make hearts. Put your batter into a squeeze bottle and clip a little extra off the tip to allow more batter to flow through.  :)
Now you're all set to be as creative as you wish. 
The sky is the limit!

Pop them on a plate and drizzle with your favorite maple syrup, serve and
watch the smiles spread!

Hope you enjoyed and...

Be sure to watch for
You're going to love them!!!!!


Just a little extra note.
My daughters requests for pancakes really got me to thinking... 

about my past with the sweet breakfast pastries that I loved so much prior to my diagnosis
and I really thought about how they made me feel after eating them.
{Remember my lovely name for pancakes that I mentioned above??}
well there is a reason for that nickname I on

I remember thinking that I must not be able to handle the syrup.
Maybe it's just to sweet for my body to handle first thing in the AM
because after eating pancakes, cinnamon buns, honey buns, donuts, really any of these breakfast lovelies...

well I always felt the energy being sapped from my body
and would be left feeling like garbage
and full of regret having ate them.

All these years I thought it was the sweetness of the foods
that brought me down like someone shot me with an 
elephant gun
{Oh I snicker, hehe,Elephant Gun}
I never dreamed it was
{actually at that point I had never heard of gluten nor the nasty affects it could have on someone} 

So with this simple analysis of how this type of food has treated me in the past.
I went in this morning really wondering how I was going to feel after eating a few pancakes.
{still thinking, maybe it as a combo of gluten and sugar}

And I have to tell you
I was left feeling
quite simply

No sickie feelings.
No jitters.
No suck the life right outta me feelings
and at no time did the words
"Get me to the couch quick!"
ever roll out of my mouth.

Actually, what I did say was
I think I will have one more :)
Hope you enjoy!

If you get a chance to try this fun cooking project with your little ones
Please do!

It's fun for everyone. 
Let them orchestrate their own lovely breakfast pancake creations that disappear just as quickly
as they leave the pan.

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