Monday, January 14, 2013

The Color Run

Ever since I heard about The Color Run I wanted to do it.
It just looked like so much fun running around in clean white clothes and getting sprinkled with color!

After a long wait for the registration to open the race was finally moved from it originally decided date of December 2, 2012 to January 13, 2013.
It sold out fast.
Packet pickup was fun and easy and I bought a some fun shorts and socks from The Color Store.

10,000 people signed up and I believe they all showed up and brought a friend.
I felt like I was at an LMFAO concert.
There were chants...
"When I say COLOR you say RUN"
"COLOR ---- RUN ---- COLOR ---- RUN"
We had ...
Dancing rUnicorns, Beach Balls, Goodies be tossed into the crow.
There is a Dancing Unicorn on top of the START tower. I promise!
 Dancing, yes lots of dancing, 
Great Music, 
Wild Hair including some white afros! 
 There was a great vibe here for sure
Everyone was happy and ready to run, party and get colored up.

Here we are at the finish. I'm on the left and my neighbor friend is on the right.
We both agreed that a mask of some sort would have been nice while going through the color stations at each kilometer of the race.

It does get a tad hard to breath when your running with all the powder in the air.

All in all is was a lot of fun.

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