Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gluten Free Cinnamon Buns

OK I've been gluten free for over a year now and in that time my lips haven't touched not one single sweet decadent cinnamon bun. Have I craved them? Oh gosh yes. Have I seen gluten free options in the grocery store? Of course, but nothing I wanted to spend close to seven dollars on. Don't get me wrong they looked good but.... :)

Boy do I have a treat for you today!!
SINnamon Buns!
yes i spelled that right and boy are they sinful.

Let me share what I did.

First I made this flour blend.  
{BTW - I've never used a custom flour blend before. }
Secondly, I had never baked like this. Ever! 
In my kitchen I have always used cups as measurements
never grams.
Just so you know this recipe calls for Tapioca flour and I had none so I substituted it for more white rice flour and had no problems.

So moving along I have to tell you I've been resistant to try this. 
But I have to tell you if you are holding need to move forward.
This flour blend was easy to make and OMG it's so awesome.

Once you have your flour blend whipped up.

Head over to Gluten Free on a Shoestring to snag the recipe for these lovelies!

Continue on I have lots of pictures to show you on how this recipe came together.
 I mixed my dough in my standing mixer. Then rolled it out onto to my cutting board. 
Here I continued to flour my board and knead until the dough was no longer sticky and became soft.
Once you get your dough just right it's then time to roll it out and for this I have an awesome trick to share with you.

For these buns you'll need to roll your dough into a rectangle no thinner than 1/4" thick.
Wondering how in the heck you can do this easily??
And without perfection sticks??

Take a look.

A regular rolling pin will fit perfectly in a jelly pan like so.
As you can see my pans are loved very much and played with often. haha :)
Now cover the bottom of the jelly pan with parchment paper with a little excess over the edges. This will give you something to grab onto to when you start rolling the dough later.
You get a perfect rectangle and check out the thickness of the dough! 
1/4" thick! No more no less!

Now we can whip up the cinnamon mix.
Using a spoon mix together until well incorporated then spread on the dough leaving about a 1/4" clean edge on all edges. I left a little more and that's fine too.
Now is where that extra parchment comes in handy. Roll on the long edge tightly to form a roll like so.
Then I scored mine to make sure I got them all close to the same size before I sliced them.
You can just use knife to slice the rolls.
I love how pretty they look!!
You can grease a 9x13 pan or you can use a muffin pan.
I really love my Rachel Ray muffin pan. Nothing sticks to it and I never have to grease it.

Yes they will bubble over. I removed mine from the pan and onto a cooling rack only minutes after leaving the oven. Make sure you cover the rack with parchment paper to keep the sweet stuff on the rolls and not your counter top. Then I spooned the spilled over cinnamon mixture onto each one. While they cooled a tad I made the icing. 

The recipe calls for mascarpone and powdered sugar I used cream cheese instead. 
Why? Well I just didn't have any mascarpone, so I improvised. 

The end result??
Lip smacking, finger licking and the sound of forks hitting plates.

Anna had a friend over and they were both very happy with the buns.
Perfect start to a chilly Florida morning. 

Hope you enjoy and give this recipe a try.
Stay warm my sweet readers!

Giving credit where credit is due...
Thank you so much for a wonderful Gluten Free Cinnamon Bun recipe by Gluten Free on a Shoestring. I haven't purchased many cookbooks since going gluten free but I have to tell ya 
I will be buying this one.

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