Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gluten Free-zer Crockpot Meals

Hey I love being in my kitchen. I love cooking but just like anything it can become rather tiresome when you do it day in and out. As I'm sure you all know when your kids and hubby come home from work there is that one burning question they always like ask...
"What's for dinner?"

That question can really shred my nerves if I'm secretly asking myself the same question. 
Plus it seems I'm always cooking while everyone else is relaxing, watching TV and playing outside. 
I want to be involved in that fun stuff too guys!!!

So in order to be able to step out of the kitchen and into the fun world my family is enjoying during the last few hours of light we have in the evenings, I'm trying crockpot meals!!!

Don't think I've ever bought so much meat at one time. These meals will be hearty, full flavored and paired with fresh salad or stir fried or steamed veggies 

I have prepared 12 meals, where each meal should easily feed our family for two nights. 
Leftover night will be a variance  of the previous night but just as yummy!
I promise. :)

Ill be posting recipes, reviews and pictures of each meal so be sure to check back!!!

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