Monday, July 9, 2012

Tea Time Moroccan Style

 My youngest daughter recently attended a birthday party of a classmate.

The party was very well planned with beautiful food and lots of wonderful activities for the kids. 
 The guests were incredibly interesting and we all really had a wonderful time chatting while the little ones played. Besides the great conversation the one tidbit I walked away loving was the ...

It was simply divine.
Even on one of the hottest days here in Florida the hot tea was still so delicious and refreshing.

There were two carafes of tea one sweetened and one a-la-natural.

You can sweeten it if you like but I am telling you either way
sweet or not, cold or hot.
It's delicious.

Not only is this tea a wonderful addition to your recipe box it is also fantastic for your digestive health! Green tea is full of antioxidants and mint is fantastic at stimulating digestion and relieving stomach upset. 

And if you are a runner like myself check this out!
Another fascinating fact about this tea from a cultural stand point is ...

I loved it.
 And when I inquired about the recipe the mother responded with how easy it is to make.
{E-A-S-Y is really all I needed to hear :)} 
She mentioned all I needed was fresh Mint and loose Green Tea Leaves from any specialty market.

So you know me
I decided to give it a try and see if my tea could taste just as lovely. 

Check out the recipe...
it really is quite 

Here's all you'll need...

{By the way I doubled the recipe}

Boil the water. 

Pull aside after boiling and add tea bags and fresh mint.
Let steep for 3 minutes.
Remove mint and tea bags.
Add sugar.

Transfer back and forth from the pot to a pitcher to mix the sugar.
I transferred back and fourth about 6 times until the sugar was completely mixed.
And you even get the foam on top you read about when making the traditional Moraccan Tea!!
You can serve right away hot or place in a pitcher and chill for later.

You can even go all out and serve in traditional Moroccan Tea glasses.
{They are around 4 inches tall and hold 4 ounces.}
Aren't these just gorgeous!!
I may have to get a set of these. 

They come in so many different colors and styles and all are so beautifully crafted.

However you drink your tea, prop your feet up and enjoy. 
I promise it will bring a smile.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I did not know you were a tea girl? I also do not htink I knew about the benefits of mint tea. Hey and where can you get those glasses??

    1. I love green tea and after having the mint green tea I fell in love with that as well. I am now exploring more teas. Just so you know Windermere Farmers Market has a tea stand and most of her teas are organic!! I got a bag from her last week and really love it.

      As for the tea cups..I found these at! Aren't they pretty?? :)