Saturday, July 21, 2012

Keep Calm and Run On!

Running really is pretty awesome therapy!


  1. I so love these keep calm slogans! Wish I could still run but I am glad you are doing so great!!

    1. Thanks Shane! Im sorry you can't run but we can power walk the heck out of a route!!!! I love to walk so let's get out and do that together sometime. Plus with walking we can talk, running not so much. :)

      I love the Keep Calm slogans too. Always have and when my sister in law and I were talking over the weekend about how we get way to keyed up before a race and need to remain clam and conserve energy it made me think of the the Keep Calm slogans. So when I got back home from our run I just had to make this. Plus I needed it to be in pink of course. :)