Sunday, July 15, 2012

Easy DIY Recycled Funnel

While making one of my lovely summer salsas this weekend I found I needed to refill my pepper mill.
This is always a nightmare at my house!!

I don't know about you but a funnel is something I don't have in my kitchen and I make a mental note to get one every time I'm out and ALWAYS forget. 

So this weekend when I needed to fill my pepper mill again I grunted in agony thinking about the mess I was about to make and having to clean up all those little black peppercorns that spill over onto my counter top and ultimately end up in my floor. 
and yes...
No matter how careful this always happens.

This time I decided to make a change and recycle something I already had into a useful funnel that not only works but is GREEN. Yes that's right, GREEN. Meaning it's one less piece of plastic that is going into a landfill and its perfect for my use right here at home. 
{Trust me this will get a lot of use}

So take a look and my how too using a plastic vinegar bottle. I
f you're ever in a situation, like I find myself in quite a bit, you'll look at other ways to make the situation work in a green friendly kinda way. :)

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  1. Very nice Miss Kim! People can be green just like you by just stopping and thinking bout new ways to repurpose items they already have. SO many times I think people worry that they do not know where to tart to live green and it really is as simple as you just made it. Little steps along the way, keeping in mind throughout your day, ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Oh and be healthy too.!!

    1. Shane we are taking strides to make our lives a little more green over here. I am becoming more mindful of every thing I do. How we live, exercise and eat passes through my new green filter. Meaning I really try to think more green as we go along and question "How we've always done things". At times it brings up a lot of questions that I need to go and research which often times leaves me stunned and thinking OMGosh..I had no idea I was so wasteful and non-green. It takes time and is by no means a snap of your finger fix but like you said little steps along the way really make a difference.