Monday, July 16, 2012

Deep Discounted Gluten Free Find

I think everyone has a Big Lot's! close by and if you don't you need to protest.

I haven't visited the store often in the past but I'm certainly going to be hitting them up a lot more now since I found this there.

Let me back up a bit and explain how I ended up at Big Lot's! on grocery day.

Last weekend I was in Publix with my 7 year old daughter and she just like myself was lured to the bakery counter to look at all the pretties. We just love to look. Like I have said in the past, I LOVE pretty food!

So after standing there for a few minutes one of the employees asks if we need some help and I had just spotted their crustless mini cheesecakes and so I decided to ask if they were gluten free. 
She checked with the bakery manager and returned saying they honestly couldn't confirm it. 
But then she did something so unexpected and asked if I have Celiac Disease.
I was so shocked to find someone out in the blue who knew about it. LOL
I responded and she continued to tell me that CD runs in her family as well. 
A long and very interesting conversation ended with her telling me to head to Big Lot's!

She explained that her Publix had just sent a lot of items there that wasn't moving in the store and she said many other stores do that as well. She warned to check the dates but if they are in date they are good-to-go and that nothing is wrong with the product it's just not moving in some stores.

So I kindly thanked her for all her information and made a mental note to hit this store up the next time I was near it.

So a week later I hit it up and I was stunned at all the Bob's Red Mill they had. They had a ton of this stuff with quite a few Gluten Free Products as well. 

So I sprung and got the Wonderful Bread Mix that was marked $4.00 a bag but when I got to the register they applied an additional 20% off on my order of 3 bags so they came out to $3.20 each. 
As I walked out of the store I had no idea how much these even sell for at Publix but I was headed there any way to get groceries so decided to see if they had any there.

And sure enough they did!!!
I was stunned at the $2.99 savings per bag!!
so loving this tip.

Now keep in mind you do have to really look for the gluten free foods at Big Lot's. They are peppered through out all the isles but the Bob's Red Mill Section is pretty dedicated at my store.
And as always this will vary from store to store.
If you are in an area where GF sells good then your store may have limited supplies.
But in any case CHECK it out!!

Best of luck to you in your GF bargain hunts and if you find a great deal let me know!!!

Wonderful Monday to you all!


  1. What an awesome savings! I have seen them at Big Lots before too :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yes!! Was so happy! Thanks as well for swinging by my blog! Hope you have a wonderful Monday! :)