Monday, August 6, 2012

Building the Perfect Salad!

To me there is nothing better than a fresh salad. I swear I could eat them all day, every day.
Ok well maybe not for breakfast but the other two meals I could so do it.
And when you build your meals ahead of time it makes it so easy to eat healthy which brings me to one of the main reasons I like to make these ahead of time is

The more you make eating healthy easy and convenient the more you will do it.
 I have been on a Cobb Salad kick lately and so this weekend I decided to put the salad trays to use that I had saved from my last minute lunch runs to my local Publix.
Now I have four stacked in my fridge. Ready to Grab and Go and at a fraction of the cost!

I love trying new ingredients and testing them out on my family and they always seem to really love my salad combinations.

I do have a few rules I stick by when making my salads though and presentation is huge for me.
Well because as you all know....
I love pretty food. 
Yep and that's my first requirement on my list of building the perfect salad.

Believe it or not but pretty food makes my heart skip a beat and I believe no matter how healthy it is if its pretty it will make you want to eat it all the more. 
So use your imagination and built it pretty.

Color excites the eyes and makes us want more. Eating healthy also requires that we 
"Taste the Rainbow" so to speak.
So I like to try and have as many pretty colors happening in my salads as possible.
It adds to the pretty and the healthy.

Don't think you have to stick with what you've seen used before. 
Fill a salad with your favorites. If your ideal Cobb Salad has strawberries then go for it!!
After all it has to be what YOU love and not what the supermarket dubs the perfect salad.

Well that's it, my three easy rules to designing the perfect salad.
Don't you feel inspired to go build a pretty, colorful and tasty salad now???
Go WOW your family!!!!

My Cobb Salad Ingredient List
{Go Organic where you can}

Romain Lettuce
Organic Cherry Tomatoes
Organic Carrots (Greenwise from Publix)
Boars Head Blue Cheese
Red Onion
Boiled Egg
 2 slices Boars Head Ovengold Turkey Chopped
Half a Haas Avocado Mashed
{I use avocado for my salad dressing it's naturally gluten free and packed full of good stuff}
Cobb salads most often come with bacon so you can add that if you like as well.

That's it!
Pull up a chair, dig in and enjoy!

Wanna share your favorite salad? Don't be shy tell us what you love piled high on your greens. :)

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