Friday, February 3, 2012

Gluten Free Lip Balms

As winter presses on, even though we are in the deep south and we aren't having horrible cold weather, our lips are getting that nice winter chap. 

So before I put my old lip balm on my lips or even offered some to my kiddos I wanted to do some research and see what's out there
for those of us who are 
Gluten Free
what I found out was pretty interesting.

First thing I learned is leave the Blog photos to the kids.

Need I say more. 
Oh I kill myself!
Can't help but laugh at these.  

But scroll on down and let's take a look at the findings...
Shall we???
So here you have it. 

My compilation of a few lip balms that will help your lips stay soft, supple and totally kissable during the harsh winter months while also protecting you well into the summer with sunscreen!

And since most of us are visual folks
I created some lovely little visuals for you guys 
to show you just what's out there! 

{From a Gluten Free perspective of course. :)}

First up is Softlips. Gosh do I love their lip balm. They smell great and are free of a lot of the nasty stuff we should never put on or in our bodies.
Not to mention they are nice and small which makes it easy for me to take them with me on my runs. 
Second up is

in case you are wondering that stands for
{Evolution of Smooth}


I've seen these in the stores and never picked one up but I can tell you that I am so gonna get one of these now. They have wonderful flavors, you get a lot of balm in a container and 
who wouldn't love the packaging.

Yeah! Yeah! I admit it I'm a sucker for some good packaging.
But this brand goes way beyond great packaging. 
They have a high quality product and getting super reviews online!

You just have to love a brand that comes out and says

Nope, Not even a speck of Gluten is in their products!
You go 

I got the clear Moisture Plus for my teen
and she

This is a great product and keeps those lips pretty and
kissable all year round.

Vaseline Lip Therapy
How can you go wrong here.

Great little container, same great product they have made for years
and with a
No Gluten 

Can you say

responded super quick with the below email
but couldn't confirm any of their lip products were free of gluten.

What about the ever popular
ChapStick answers The Following Questions
on their site
But for some reason I feel they are dancing around 
You decide.
They answer a lot of allergen questions related to the ingredients in their products however as you can see..
I appears they don't want to touch 
You can read more at 
by clicking on the
Product FAQ's
found at the bottom of the page.


As always...

Do your 
company websites,
write or even call,
as you never know when they may
change their product ingredients.

Hope this post has been helpful.

If it was
drop me a line or comment.
I love to hear from my readers.

Now get some balm on those pretty little lips!

Kimmy :)
The Gluten Free Booty

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