Friday, February 10, 2012

GF Chocolate-Chocolate Valentine Cupcakes

Tomorrow is the first birthday party Anna will attended since going Gluten Free.

I wanted my little princess to have yummy cupcakes just like the other kids, 
not feel slighted 
and join in the festivities just like all the rest.


I whipped up a batch of
Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cupcakes
and added a pretty pink
Valentine Twist 
to it. 

Let's Take A Look At How I Got This 
Pretty Little Project Rolling
Shall we?

First I got all my cooking supplies out 
and got busy.

I must mention you will need 
1 Cup of Water
1 Stick of Butter
3 Eggs

This was my first time making these and the box says it makes 12 cupcakes.
So I used every drop of the batter and it filled the cups pretty full.

For those of you who are new to this like myself a non-gluten free recipe filled this much would have had huge cupcakes spilling over onto the top of the pan. 

So I followed the directions assuming these wouldn't rise as much as I am accustomed to 
and I was right.
 Pink Chocolate Heart Toppers
These were super easy to make. 

I used half a bag of 
GhirardelliWhite Chocolate Chips
and followed the directions on the back of the bag for melting.

Added a little 
Wilton Pink Food Coloring
then spooned into my
handy squeeze bottle
started drawing hearts
onto a wax papered cookie sheet.
I placed mine into a cool place to firm up while I got the icing going.

Now Onto the Icing!

I just used 
The Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Icing
being all new to this I wanted a quick and easy icing and 
this just worked.

To get the look 
all you need is a 
Wilton Icing Bag
and an
icing tip of your choice!

Easy enough.

For those of you out there who always find yourself alone in the kitchen
well here's a great,
way to get the icing in the bag.

First - Drop the coupling into the bag.
Second - Place the tip into a cup and fold the edges over.
Third - Spoon in your icing.
Lastly - Clip the tip of the bag and place your icing tip onto the bag.
That's it!

{Pretty easy, hu?}

 Squeeze the icing to the end of the bag and get busy dressing up your little cupcake masterpieces!
The pretty paisley skirts I found at Walmart. Made by Reynolds and they are no fade.
Before you know it
You'll have a crowd
working their way into the kitchen for a 
one of your
Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes!
The Teen Sensation wasted no time downing her cupcake and proceeded to tell me...
{The smile says it all}

Everyone gave these yummy little chocolate
pretty's a big

Best of Luck and Hope you Enjoyed!

Kimmy :)


  1. Oh! Those look delicious! I was wondering about Betty Crocker's new gluten-free cake mixes. They just arrived here in Canada. I have friends who would love to go gluten-free but sometimes feel that mixing flours can be Betty Crocker is a great option!! Love the heart toppers too - perfect for Valentine's Day :)

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words:) So happy you like the heart toppers!!! My girls loved them too. Was a nice surprise when they got home from school. I too am new to the flour mixing and wanted to just give Betty Crocker a try and I have to admit these turned out really awesome. Anything that puts smiles on the faces of my girls gets big thumbs up here and this did just that. Thanks so much for visiting! Hope to see you back here soon!:)

  3. Wow I didn't know there was an actual GF canned frosting! ??
    I was looking at most of them and they all had wheat in them! Thanks.

    1. Yes and still check your labels some flavors may not be gluten free. But on the Betty Crocker site I noticed they were supposed to start labeling them all gluten free in fall 2012! So check and see if they now list the gluten free label on the ones you see in stores now. Best of luck!