Monday, February 4, 2013

A Healthier Popcorn

I needed air popped popcorn for the Valentines Party Mix I was making and didn't have an air popper. So I improvised and what I got was a healthier cheaper version of my families favorite snack.

Here's all you need.

1/3 cup of popcorn kernels
1 thicker small paper bag. ( I used the Whole Foods smaller bag below)
{if you use a thin brown bag the kernel will bust threw the bag}

Fold the top of the bag down twice and then place in your microwave.
I popped mine until the pops stopped approximately 1:30 - 2:00 minutes. 

Pour and Enjoy!

No Oil, No Butter, No Salt
That is unless you want some. 
Then go for it. 
But the great thing is you can control what you put on it which makes it a healthier choice.

This popcorn works great for making chocolate covered popcorn!!!

Hope you enjoyed! 
What's your favorite popcorn or topping?


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    1. Thanks Lisa! I loved this idea too. When I first saw it they were using other ingredients such as olive oil and sea salt to pop the corn which is great but I needed plain popcorn with no oil. After I saw it would work in the microwave without any oil I was really happy to find that I could make a much healthier popcorn this way. :) I still like something on my popcorn of course but the great thing about this method is you can really control the amounts by adding it after it's popped. :) Thanks so much for the comment love. :)