Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sparkling Summer Waters

When you grow up where I did, which happens to be the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virgina, the water is so crisp, pure and refreshing you can't help but fall in love with it.

I remember one of the things I most enjoyed  as a child and well into adulthood was getting lost in nature with my Papa. He had a large amount of land and together we would go and explore the world around us.

One stop we always made was to take a long drink of water from the spring on his land!
Standing there under the shaded canopy of the forest we would quietly have a sip of cool mountain water while taking in our surroundings and listening to the beautiful mountain orchestra of birds, wind and the constant beautiful trickle of water from the spring.
I still remember it so crystal clear and every time I visit my parents I still have to stop and take a drink when we pass it.
The water comes from an underground spring and is a constant bone chilling 52 degrees. 
Crisp, cold, pure and refreshing mountain water.
Pure perfection.
 My precious grandpa has since passed however the wonderful memories we shared will always walk with me. And the land my Papa held so near and dear to his heart is now owned by my Mom and Dad. So I can still take those lovely walks but now I go with my Mom and Daddy and take my sweet little girls along with me. 
And we are kinda creatures of habit. 
We do the same thing and stop at the old spring for a cool refreshing sip of water.

But what do you do if water isn't your thing and you want to up your intake?
Or if you're tired of drinking plain water and want to jazz it up a bit.
You know, without the added calories or the yucky stuff that companies love to add that really defeat the purpose of nourishing our bodies by drinking water in the first place.

You flavor your own water naturally!!

And lucky for us there are very simple and affordable ways to do just that. It's easier than you think to naturally infuse water with wonderful flavors, without added calories and minus all the gross yucky stuff you don't want to place in your body in first place.
 Trust me you will be left refreshed, hydrated and yearning for more.

One of the things I love most about water is how easy it is to dress it up and morph it into something different.
If you get tired of plain water just add some fresh fruit or herbs to it and you have a new refreshing flavored water.

For example. I made Crisp Mint Cucumber, Mint Strawberry and Lemon Clementine over the weekend!
All were awesomely flavored after sitting in the fridge overnight!
Pretty easy hu? And what a pretty presentation as well.
These will be great to have in a bucket of ice for summer gatherings!
I will be making these all summer long. I totally promise you that.
{PS. I got the bottles at IKEA $3.99 each}
And they hold a whopping 32oz so you can pour a refreshing drink for several people from one bottle!
Now go kick-off your summer with a nice tall glass of naturally flavored H2O!
Did you like this post? If so, tell me!
Do you make flavored waters yourself? Then share your favorites with me. I'd love to hear what combinations you've tried and loved.



  1. Gives me a great idea. I'll try fresh black grapes . Maybe add fresh peppermint from my herb garden. Love all your blogs.

  2. These flavored waters look so pretty and refreshing. So far I have only experimented with cucumber lemon, which I love, but you have definitely inspired me to try making more! So glad you stopped by my blog to comment and say hi :-)