Thursday, April 12, 2012

Soup, It's not just for Winter!

While at the St. Petersburg Gluten Free for Life Expo I met some amazing people from 
I have to tell you every soup I tried at this booth was simply delicious
and I love the fact that they are made in short runs
and all ingredients are super fresh
and with a really nice selection of 

You know for those of us who can't do the gluten thing!

And if you are Vegetarian, Dairy Free or adhering to a Low Fat diet
they have options available for you as well!

And best of all they have my favorite logo

Yes, they are a certified Gluten Free Company. And if you don't know everything that goes into earning the right to wear this badge of honor on your packaging then you should take a little 
visit over to
{trust me, it's a big deal ;)}

So fast forward a couple of weeks and I get a lovely package in the mail 
from Kettle Cuisine filled with 6 of their wonderful GF soups for me to try.

{I just love trying new foods not to mention I am a huge soup girl too!}

My care package included...
Thai Curry Chicken Soup - Angus Beef Steak - Chicken Chili with White Beans
Roasted Vegetable Soup - Tomato Soup with Garden Vegetables - New England Clam Chowder

the first soup I tried was the
Thai Curry Chicken Soup
 it was really good.
I loved the flavor and it wasn't too spicy.
Just to give you an idea of the aroma this soup filled the house with...
Well it was enough to bring my teen daughter out of her room. 
And if anyone out there reading this has a teen they know what I am talking about.
I chuckle as I write this.

I let her have some and she really loved it.
To be precise her exact words were...
"Mommy that's really good soup!" 

The other thing I love about these soups is the fact that 
when I was running late
{which is often}
I could just grab a box from the freezer toss it into my bag and I have lunch 

I just love 
1- Freezer - 2- Purse - 3 - Lunch  4 - Yum!

The other lovely is the versatility. 
Many people think summer means
time to say goodbye to soups
when they should be looking at all the possibilities soup brings to the table.
For example
soups really make great 
starter meals.
We do soup all year round at our house and use them in many different ways.

Over Potatoes - Over Rice - Over Noodles
served with a yummy garden salad.

And they are super on those nights when 
MOM just needs a BREAK!

We have fend-for-yourself night at our house
(You know those nights when you just can't do another thing and cooking will throw you ova the edge)
I know you know what I'm talking about.
Any how I will be keeping some of these soups on hand for the fam
the heat and eat. 

Did You Know????
Jerry, the founder of Kettle Cuisine, has a daughter whom was diagnosed with Celiac Disease nearly twenty years ago. When his daughter was diagnosed Jerry quickly realized how limited the prepared gluten free food options were for this growing community of people. 
In 2006, when the FDA proposed a formal definition for gluten free foods, Jerry finally had his opportunity to serve this community with great tasting, wholesome, real food products. 

As a matter of fact, the back of the soup box has a letter from Kate, Jerry's daughter, thanking her Dad for such wonderful soups.

Currently there are ten gluten free soups available but I am positive demand will bring more of these sensational soups to our tables.

In closing, I must say that I was never offered money for my comments and my review of
these wonderful soups is my honest opinion.


Thank you so much
Kettle Cuisine


  1. Awesome! I will definitely try them. I have been looking for a tomato soup and have been nervous of trying anything new since becoming gluten free. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Jackie you are so very welcome! Let me know how you like the tomato soup.