Sunday, April 22, 2012

BabyCakes NYC- Allergy Friendly Bakery in Orlando

Ok. I know I am not the first to write about this bakery and I certainly won't be the last.
Check this Out
babycakesNYC  is
Refined Sugar Free - Gluten Free - Wheat Free - Soy Free - Casein Free - Egg Free - Vegan - Kosher
I was so excited to see two cases with items I could eat!!!!
There was no... NO you can't eat that!

It was total
I loved everything I tried and even love saying the name
babycakes! Babycakes!! BABYCAKES!!!


First, I have to tell you if you have never been to
babycakesNYC it can be a tad hard to find here in Orlando.

There are no signs directing you there.
and as a matter of fact a Disney employee told me how to find it and his exact words were
"There are no signs for it."

Why is that?
Why would there be no signs directing to you such a lovey little find?
I even checked the shop and restaurant listing and never saw it there either.
What is up with that?
Kind of makes me wonder what else I am passing by and never realizing it's there.

Well thank goodness I found it 
and now let me tell you how to find it yourself :)

here we go....

In Downtown Disney park in Parking Lot 2
in front of T-Rex.

For those of you not familiar with the area don't get T-Rex confused.

babycakes will be located just to the right of T-Rex inside of Pollo Campero Restaurant.

As you enter Pollo Campero babycakes will be off to the right of the restaurant.
Pretty Easy Right?

 It's a small space but packed full of wonderful allergen friendly delights. :)
 They have cookie crunch donuts in vanilla or chocolate!
{They were amazing by the way!}

Everyone in the family had a bite of the chocolate cookie crunch donut I brought home and
everyone loved it.

My trio included their signature cookie sandwich, the cookie crunch donut and the chocolate chocolate cuppy!
 I loved them all!
{However, sometimes you are going to have a favorite}
Mine happened to be
 The cookie sandwich and as it turns out it's their most asked for yummy!
I'm telling you... It was divine.
If you get a chance. 

I was told before I left that if I didn't eat them right away the icing would melt. 
So I decided once I got to the truck to eat the cookie and take the 
icepack from my cooler to place inside the box until I could get home.

Hey come on!! Don't give me a hard time here!!!
I honestly didn't think the cookie would fair well on the 20 minute drive home.
[insert chuckles here]
So an executive decision had to be made!
And it was a good one because it would have been 
I mean
 To pry my hands off of this thing and share with the fam.

So that's my review of a wonderful hidden little find right here in O-town.
I hope you enjoyed my post and will head out and give babycakes a try.

If you have tried babycakes before please tell me what your favorite was because
I would love to go back and try more pretties whenever I find myself in the area
and your suggestions will help guide me.


Thanks for stopping by and know that I greatly appreciate your stopping by.
I love you all!
Hats off to my beautiful family & friends who follow my
gluten free adventures and support my efforts to heal myself
and remain gluten free.


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