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Inspiration Friday - October 12, 2012

I have a little story to tell you that at the end may leave you with a little tear in your eye. No, it's not a sad story. It's a story about loving one another. A feel good story. One that I will leave you filled with hope.

The past few months have been a total rat race around here. I am shuttling kids to Lacrosse and Cheer every night of the week. There are some nights I drop off come home cook dinner go back and pick them up, eat and collapse into bed.  Sometimes it feels like, what's that movie? You know the one with Bill Murray. Yeah Ground Hog Day! Sometimes my life feels like that movie. haha Ever feel that way?
Among this daily rerun, I find myself hitting the store at night after picking the kids just to kill two birds with one stone and switch things up a bit.

Well last night just happened to be one of those nights where we were out of milk and some other basics so after picking my oldest daughter up we stopped at Wal-mart to grab some milk and a few other items we needed.

We stared off into no where while waiting in the long roped off coral just under the 20 items or less sign.  Finally, we were ushered to register one where Doreen, the cashier, greeted us so nicely and began to scan our groceries.  After exchanging lovelies and all my groceries were bagged she hit enter on the register and up popped my total, $25.02.  I swiped my card and nothing. I swiped it  several more times to pay and every time the reader would beep and return that the card could not be processed. I explained to Doreen that my card sometimes won't scan and that normally cashiers need to swipe it directly on the register. So she tried this as well and with no luck! :(

At this point the line was really backing up and I could feel what felt like a million eyes looking at me. I could feel my face getting red with embarrassment and the feeling of humiliation was horrible as I had to tell her I had no other way to pay.  Not to mention my daughter had already tore into her gum which she had to release back to the cashier. Not a good feeling. So I asked the clerk if I could take my groceries to the front service desk to try and pay there that sometimes my card will work there and she responded with "I'll just suspend your order and when you get a means of payment just come back and you wont have to wait or stand in line." So after all the swiping of the card forward and back, slow and fast, wrapping it in a plastic bag and swiping it and on to manual entry twice directly on the register I simply told her I will call my husband and be back. Then I did what felt like the walk of shame from the register towards the exit where I then called on my best friend, my husband.

Gosh folks I can't begin to tell you that as my daughter and I walked away from the register how helpless and dejected I felt.  After talking to my husband he assured me all was well with my account and that I should just give it another try.  So back we went to the register where this all started. This time I was now behind the gentleman who had been loading his groceries onto the counter behind us just moments prior.  Yes, he was there for everything we tried. Yes, he heard the whole dialogue. Yes, I was thinking this man is probably happy we moved on so he can finally get out of here.

So now we stand watching, as what appears to be, the cashier clearing all of our stuff out of the register so she can now ring up this poor gentleman, whom I might add, has been held up by us and waiting a good 10 minutes just to pay and leave the store. The cashier gives me a look and I let her know I would like to try my card again if she didn't mind after he finished and paid for his items. And what she said next really took me aback. She gently smiled and softly said "He's is going to pay for your groceries." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I immediately protested to him and begged  that he please not, that I could pay for my groceries.  But all I got was a calm look of determination as he swiped his card and then turned to me and said these very powerful words.

"It's done. Have a Blessed day and all I ask is that you do the same as I've done for you. When you see someone in need help them out." 

Through my shock, as I stood in front of this gentleman, I mustered up a most sincere Thank You that literally poured from the bottom of my heart. Did I cry? Why yes I did!! And my teen was so moved that she was speechless and teared up as well.

This random act of kindness really tugged at my heart and opened my eyes to the fact that

There are still wonderful, kind and loving people in this world.
And the act of one person can set off a cascade of events that can change the lives of many.

This whole story reminds me of this awesome movie. Remember Pay it Forward? 
What a great story.
I really have to dig this movie out and watch it again. This time with my kids.

Any how we see movies and read about selfless acts of kindness a lot. I get chills every single time and I'm always left with a feeling hope. But to have this actually happen to you is beyond amazing. It's surreal and it's a memory I will never ever forget.

I hope you've been inspired by this post and leave you with one question. Have you ever had a random act of kindness bestowed on you? Or have you been the awesome person to help another out unexpectedly? Now's your chance to share and inspire. Tell me!

Happy Inspiration Friday!


  1. This is a beautiful story! And yes, I cried reading it! Thank you for sharing and spreading the word! :-)

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    2. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my story. I appreciate your kind words. This really was so shocking when it happened. My daughter and I drove home in silence just pondering what had just happened. It's a great feeling knowing there are people out there that care.

  2. Last year my husband and I were celebrating our anniversary at Outback in Inverness. Had a few drinks, an appetizer, a glass of wine with dinner and then proceeded to order a GF dessert. Harry asked for the check - an lo and behold - the people sitting behind us treated us to the whole thing.

    As it turned out, she has celiac disease and was finally diagnosed and was on the way to recovery. What a special couple to do that for us!

    We will pay it back - perhaps this month for my birthday. God's blessings.